Security of Ethereum Smart Contracts

We analyse the security vulnerabilities of Ethereum smart contracts, providing a taxonomy of common programming pitfalls which may lead to vulnerabilities. We show a series of attacks which exploit these vulnerabilities, allowing an adversary to steal money or cause other damage.

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Blockchain Analytics Tools

Modern cryptocurrencies exploit decentralised ledgers — the so-called blockchains — to record a public and unalterable history of transactions. These ledgers represent a rich, and increasingly growing, source of information, in part of difficult interpretation and undisclosed meaning. Many analytics, mostly based on ad-hoc engineered solutions, are being developed to discover relevant knowledge from these data. We introduce a framework for the development of custom analytics on Bitcoin...

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Analysis of Bitcoin metadata

The Bitcoin protocol allows to save arbitrary data on the blockchain through a special instruction of the scripting language, called OP RETURN. A growing number of protocols exploit this feature to extend the range of applications of the Bitcoin blockchain beyond transfer of currency. A point of debate in the Bitcoin community is whether loading data through OP RETURN can negatively affect the performance of the Bitcoin network with respect to its primary goal. This project is an empirical study of the usage of OP_RETURN over the years...